As a qualified counsellor I love working with individuals to build resilience and improve self-esteem, empowering them to make changes and find joy in their lives. I specialise in the areas of mental health and child/adolescent work.

What happens in a counselling session?

For many people, the idea of seeing a counsellor for the first time can feel really scary. I'll do my best to make you feel at ease; this is your space to talk and be able to feel heard in a completely non-judgemental, confidential environment. 


It's really important that you feel comfortable with any counsellor you choose to work with. In fact a lot of research shows that the most important factor in counselling is this relationship. Especially in an initial session, I encourage you to ask questions and figure out for yourself if I am the right person to do this work with you. Where needed I am happy to point you in the right direction to other services or practitioners that will work best for you. 


In an appointment with me, we will discuss what you hope to gain from coming to counselling and any goals you may wish to work towards. We’ll work collaboratively and look at the strengths and the knowledge you already hold and how we can use this knowledge and strength to work through difficulties you may be experiencing.

With young people I love working around areas of developmental change, puberty, growing up, developing a secure sense of identity and working with family and other significant relationships. I often focus on building resilience and self-esteem as a way of tackling not only issues young people are currently facing, but also enabling them to manage tough times in the future. I have worked in a variety of youth settings from respite services to schools and a community youth centre. 

I also have experience working with all ages in the mental health sector. I find it incredibly rewarding working with clients and empowering them to find their own pathways out of mental illness/distress. 

My areas of interest
My Approach

I use a holistic approach comprising a number of different therapeutic approaches such as; narrative, cognitive behavioural and interactive drawing therapy. I will work with you to find the approach most suited to you. I like looking at attitudes and expectations of society and self and where necessary challenging these ideas.

  • Building resilience and self esteem

  • Grief and loss

  • Recovery from mental illness/distress

  • Making life changes and creating pathways out of depression and anxiety

  • Working with developmental challenges around puberty, growing up, developing a secure sense of identity, family and other relationships

  • Work around body image & looking at attitudes and expectations of society and self










Group Work

I have worked with and facilitated a number of groups in both school and community settings. These include:


Nourish: a programme designed to foster positive body image, promote critical media literacy and celebrate body diversity

Positive Approaches to Life: Based on positive psychology this course aims to build resilience and self esteem in young people

Personal Development: covering a range of topics including assertive communication, anger management, self care and                                                          managing stress

Continued Recovery:  An on-going monthly support group for women in recovery from disordered eating.


If you are interested in learning any more about group work please